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In order to prepare your content for mobile VOD access, you must first make sure that the file follows a very specific format. This format is MP4 with H.264 video (high profile) and AAC audio (low complexity profile, or “LC”).

If the file is a different format, you have two options: encode it on your own or transcode it on Dacast using our custom Encoding recipe (HD/SD/ULD) after uploading.

If you opt to encode your video before uploading, we recommend trying, which is a free program.

However, if you decide to use our VOD encoding tools, we suggest creating your own encoding recipe. Encoding recipes allow you to encode your videos during upload so they can be played immediately.

You can do this on the “Settings” tab of your Dacast account, under “Encoding.” Please visit our walkthrough for transcoding for additional details.

Once your video is in the proper format, you have to use a Dacast embed code (either the iframe or JS code) and embedded on your site. This code is found under the “General” tab of your content under “Sharing.”

Dacast Platform - Embed code screenshot

Once you’ve completed these steps, your viewers should be able to view your VOD content on their iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.

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