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How Do I Create an HTML5 Player Theme in the Back Office?

HTML5 is the preferred video player technology in the streaming world since it is compatible with most viewing devices. You can create a custom theme for your Da cast HTML5 player wit h preset features in the app or using the player API. Let’s dive into how to create a custom HTML5 player theme on […]

Dacast Video Replace: How to Replace Video Without Losing Views

Dacast’s online video hosting platform has a video replacement option that allows you to replace the content on an embedded video player without changing the embed code.  This is a useful tool if you have embedded your video on a website and want to change the content without having to change the video’s embed code. […]

Configure Video Preferences in the Dacast Account Setup

  One of Dacast’s strong points is that we offer a wide variety of preference customization. This quality is valuable because it gives you access to the broadcasting experience that best suits your unique needs. This post will guide you through setting up your Dacast video preferences for live streaming and VOD hosting. To get […]

Live Stream Chat with Dacast and RumbleTalk

  Dacast has partnered with RumbleTalk to provide live chat functionality aside from your Dacast video platform account. Not only is it quick and easy to get started, but you’ll also have access to a full-featured live streaming chat platform that can scale with your business.