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What Is HLS Streaming?

HTTP Live Streaming (or HLS) is an adaptive streaming communications protocol created by Apple. It is used for communication between iOS and Apple TV devices. HLS has the capability to evenly distribute either live or any on-demand video. As such, it is the sole technology available for adaptively streaming to Apple devices HLS is widely […]

Walkthrough: How to Add a Watermark to a Video with Dacast

There are two places to upload a logo to add a watermark to a video in your Dacast account. One is global (company), and one is on a per-channel/file basis. Company Logo The Company logo/Global logo can be uploaded, deleted, or changed through clicking “Account” then “Company” when the dropdown menu appears.     Clicking […]

Using Embedded Players with Dacast: A Walkthrough

One of the most appealing aspects of using a professional video hosting solution like Dacast is the ability to embed your video player just about anywhere, including your own app or website.  Today, we are going to explain how to use your Dacast embedded player. What are Embedded Players? Embedded players are media players enclosed […]

How to Read the Information on the Dacast Video Analytics Dashboard

  In this tutorial, we will cover how to read graphs on the Dacast analytics dashboard. For an overall tutorial of our new analytics platform, please read our dedicated tutorial. The dashboard gives you an analysis of your overall content and provides you the following general information: data usage, audience, engagement, paywall, plays by location, […]