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What is VP9 and Does Dacast Support It?

A What is VP9 and Does Dacast Support It? VP9 is a proprietary codec that was developed by On2Technologies in May 2003. It is also called the TrueMotion video codec. VP9 is a lossy video compression format and is often used by JavaFX, Adobe Flash and Flash Video Files. Dacast does NOT recommend using VP9. […]

Mobile VOD: How to Prepare Videos for Mobile Streaming

Dacast Video Hosting - Knowledge Base Tutorials

  In order to prepare your content for mobile VOD access, you must first make sure that the file follows a very specific format. This format is MP4 with H.264 video (high profile) and AAC audio (low complexity profile, or “LC”). If the file is a different format, you have two options: encode it on […]

Dacast Video Storage Overview and Pricing FAQ

A Dacast Video Storage Overview and Pricing FAQ This column acts as a detailed Q&A for how storage works over the Dacast system. Please feel free to comment on which topics you’d like to see addressed here. How Much Storage is Included with My Account? This depends on your plan level. Please log in to […]

Setting up a low latency HTML5 channel : Walkthrough (Legacy App)

Please read the following carefully before creating a low latency channel in your DaCast account: 1/ Low latency channels with Safari Our secure low latency html5 streaming solution works on most devices and all browsers exceptSafari desktop(working on Safari mobile for iOS version 10 and below). *This is because we use Akamai’s standard cookie-based token […]

Live Encoder Settings: How to Unsubscribe to Encoding Emails

Dacast has a feature that sends you an email when a video file has finished encoding. This is done to make sure it’s compatible across our system.  This feature can be disabled so you don’t receive email notifications if you don’t want to.  In order to unsubscribe from these emails, log in to your Dacast […]