Can I Request a Payout on a Dacast Free Trial Account?

Please note that payouts are only possible with active accounts on Dacast. Payouts do not apply to any Dacast free trial accounts.

Please review the Dacast Terms of Service:

1.2. Paid Services

Paid Services, such as the Paywall, may be made available for functional testing at no charge with Trial Accounts. In such cases, Dacast is under no obligation to support the tested services beyond the expiration of the Trial Account, nor to make payouts to the user of any monies collected during the Trial Account period (see Section 3.5.4).

3.5. Effect of Suspension or Termination

3.5.4. In the event that you have a monetary balance on an expired Free Trial account from your tests of the Paywall, or other such Subscription and Pay Per View Paid Services, all sales will be refunded to the purchasers.

NOTE: You can request a payout on a trial account (as long as it is not expired) if you have enough funds in your balance. The catch is that you will only receive payment when you upgrade to a paid plan on Dacast.

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