How to set up Multiple Payment Method with your Dacast account?

You can now add multiple payment methods to your account, as well as the option of a first and second payment method. This new flexibility prevents renewals from being declined which can cause service interruptions.

Follow these steps:

1. Login to your Dacast account, then go to Account>Billing.



2. Add payment

Click Add payment method, you will then have an option to choose between a Credit Card or Paypal.

Enter your preferred payment info as your primary payment option then click Add when you are done.

3. Add another payment method as your backup option

Once you have your primary payment choice set up, you may repeat the steps to add another purchase mode as your backup option. This time, you will have an option on the pop-up to choose if you wish to set the additional payment you have chosen to be your default or your backup payment method.

Once done, click Add.

Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us. Not yet a Dacast user, and interested in trying Dacast risk-free for 14 days? Sign up today to get started.

Samantha Lo

Samantha is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Dacast. She also has vast experience in customer service/engagement and is passionate about digital technologies.