Viewer Permissions: Where Can My Content be Viewed?

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Setting up viewer permissions and accessing your video player on Dacast is easy. 

You can see your content using the share link available in the “General Settings” under “Sharing.” Copy and paste this link in your browser and your content will appear.

You can also paste this share code into a Twitter or Facebook post and the player will appear there.

The “Preview” option on Dacast is also really useful to check out if your content is online. It is in the same location on your Dacast dashboard as the share link.

There is also an “Embed Code” in the publish settings of each piece of content. It can be pasted into the code of your website and the player will be implemented automatically.

You can see how many people tune in to your live stream or access your VOD content on your video player no matter where you’ve embedded it with Dacast’s advanced video analytics.

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