How to set up a Live countdown on your livestream ?

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Following requests from several of our customers, Dacast is happy to release a new feature: a live countdown, allowing your viewers to get the time remaining before the beginning of a live event.

What is the benefit of a live countdown?

The live countdown gives your viewers a countdown until your live event starts allowing them to make sure not to miss the beginning of your live event.


How to set up a live countdown? 

Steps to set up the countdown:

1/ Go to the live channel of your choice

2/ Click on “Publish settings”

3/ Turn ON “enable start countdown” as shown below

4/ Select the date and time when you want your live stream to start.  Make sure to select the timezone of your live event as well. This step is highlighted in red below.

NOTE: You need to type your timezone and then select the correct timezone that will display on the dropdown menu consequently.

For example, type PACIFIC for pacific time, and select the correct timezone.

6/ You’re all set ! Your countdown is now displaying on your live event to come

10 thoughts on “How to set up a Live countdown on your livestream ?

  1. Alan Reeves says:

    I have been evaluating Dacast for a few weeks. I want to use the “enable start countdown” feature, but it does not work. The webpage does not allow me to enter the start time (I can select a time from the dropdown, but it does not appear in the box). I have reported this problem Twice, during online chats to your support representatives, but nothing has changed and I have had no response. My original trial, using email address, has now expired, and I have started a new trial using email address This problem needs to be resolved before I decide to use Dacast for my streaming. Thank you

    • Etienne Noualhat says:

      Hi Alan!
      Let me get back to you real quick with a status update on your demand. Thanks a lot for letting us know here.

        • Etienne Noualhat says:

          Engineering team just wrote to me that they have fixed the problem. Could you try it again and come to the support (do not hesitate to ask for our chat operator to contact me so I can also monitor it and know if everything works for you!)
          That would be great.

          • Alan Reeves says:

            Sorry, problem is not fixed, at least not for me. I logged out of my account, stopped and restarted my Chrome browser, and I’ve still got the exact same problem. Disappointed.

          • Etienne Noualhat says:

            Good to know. I will connect with the engineers and check if they have the problem. Our product team is checking what could’ve happened.
            Can you please ask for me on our support chat so that we will see together what is going wrong with your account?

  2. Dale Allen says:

    Hello, I need the countdown used in 3 time zones in one country. Do you support like Indonesia and the different zones? I am evaluating dacast and obs to start a business livestream.

    • Etienne Noualhat says:

      Hi Dale! Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes! there should be a countdown for any country and any zone! I hope this helps you decide on our services 😉

  3. Donald Eddy says:

    Is the countdown timer regenerated weekly or do I have to go in every week and set it up? If I put in 10AM for our service I don’t see any way to tell it to repeat weekly. This is for a church where services are every week.

    • Harmonie Duhamel says:

      Hi Donald, I hope you are great. You should have received a direct message from your account manager Mike. Let me know if it’s not the case, so that I would follow up with him. Feel free to reach any time if you have further questions. Best regards,

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