Walkthrough: Using Filezilla FTP with your Dacast Account

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When it comes to uploading a video to Dacast to be added to your VOD library, you have two options:

  • Direct upload (Standard Option as you can see below)
  • Dacast FTP Upload (also below in the top right corner)

However, there are file size constraints you should take into consideration. If your file is over 2GB in size or your Internet connection keeps dropping and needs a reliable FTP upload, you can use the Dacast FTP method.

In this article, we will cover FTP as an alternative upload method. While we think that Filezilla is a good solution, but we have a preferred solution we recommend to use with Dacast. Checking out our thorough guide below:

How to Add Content to a VOD Library via S3 FTP Video Upload

If you have any questions about the FTP video upload method or other questions about Dacast, please check out our knowledge base, or contact our 24/7 support team.

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