Dacast Video Storage Overview and Pricing FAQ

This column acts as a detailed Q&A for how storage works over the Dacast system. Please feel free to comment on which topics you’d like to see addressed here. How Much Storage is Included with My Account? This depends on your plan level. Please log in to your Dacast account and click DASHBOARD and the […]

What is a CDN? | How Do CDNs Work?

In the professional broadcasting world, CDN is short for content delivery network. A CDN is a network of servers that deliver a web page or web content, such as video, to a user. The CDN copies the web content to a network of servers that are dispersed to different locations around a geographic region. When […]

How Much Does the Optional China Video Hosting Feature Cost?

  Dacast’s partnership with China allows us to deliver high-quality video hosting solutions in Mainland China. The ICP 19031887 contract with China-based CDN services ensures fast delivery without buffering. Hosting Video on Demand in Chinain just a few clicks is a rarity in the online video industry. With multiple points of presence (PoPs) across the […]

What is an FTP and how does it relate to Dacast?

It stands for File Transfer Protocol, and deals with FTP clients like Filezilla as a way to upload content to your account. FTP clients are external programs which allow you to connect to a web service, like Dacast, using login details that include a: server username password This is the suggested method for uploading files […]