White Papers for Video Streaming and Hosting

DaCast offers a series of white papers for video streaming. The papers are dedicated toward addressing a problem within the industry and a solution. They also provide best practices through detailed studies on the online video environment. Some papers are directed toward market research. These give a more in-depth look at the broadcasting market today. This covers all aspects of streaming but with emphasis on live streaming services.

White Papers for Video StreamingTopics right now include a detailed report on the small and medium size business market for broadcasting. Another white paper goes over video monetization. It focuses on finding ways to use a paywall for success.

White papers are available to download or view in a PDF format.


White Papers


The Video API Revolution

SAN FRANCISCO, October 11, 2017

APIs are revolutionizing many industries, especially the OTT video industry, by enabling integration of features that would otherwise require tremendous resources to develop in-house. Many companies have already put themselves a few steps ahead by integrating video APIs to boost their revenue.

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The Small & Medium Businesses Market For Paid Video Streaming Services

SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2014

An extensive study on the viability and profitability of the small and medium size business (SMB) market for paid online video platforms. Looks at the current market, including the sectors people are streaming from. It also states current revenue from the total market with projections into the future.

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Making the Paywall Work

SAN FRANCISCO, October 24, 2011

Focuses on best practices for how to successfully monetize long tail video through paywall implementation. Paywall is a method of monetization that includes pay per view and subscription models. The paper includes a detailed look at consumer expectations with purchased online video. It also contrasts advertisements against paywall methods.

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