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Chinese Streaming Platforms: Live Video Streaming and Hosting [2024 Update]

Chinese Streaming Platforms Image

It’s no secret that China is heralded as one of the biggest markets for nearly everything. And it’s no different when it comes to streaming of events. In fact, the Chinese live streaming market is expected to grow from 700 billion Yuan ($103.19 billion) in 2023 to 2,100 billion ($309.57 billion) in 2026. As a […]

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Live Streaming Studio


Have you been live streaming with just a phone or laptop and are ready to take your live streaming setup to the next level? Research shows that more than half of viewers abandon poor-quality streams in less than 90 seconds, so investing in a live streaming studio setup is definitely a smart move. The good […]

What Is Multi-CDN and How Does It Work as a Service

The file sizes of videos are big and only getting larger as the demand for higher resolutions increases. Having a fast and efficient way to transfer these large files is becoming increasingly important for streamers and broadcasters. Without a way to manage the increased internet traffic, viewers may suffer from the dreadful issue of buffering […]