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Chinese Streaming Platforms: Live Video Streaming and Hosting [2023 Update]


You are a booming business, and you think expanding your audience in China would be a good call by leveraging Chinese streaming platforms.  After all, the China live streaming market is expected to grow from 700 billion Yuan ($103.19 billion) in 2023 to 2100 billion Yuan ($309.57 billion) in 2026. But for that, you need […]

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Live Streaming Studio


Have you been live streaming with just a phone or laptop and are ready to take your live streaming setup to the next level? Research shows that more than half of viewers abandon poor-quality streams in less than 90 seconds, so investing in a live streaming studio setup is definitely a smart move. The good […]

What Is Multi-CDN and How Does It Work as a Service

The file sizes of videos are big and only getting larger as the demand for higher resolutions increases. Having a fast and efficient way to transfer these large files is becoming increasingly important for streamers and broadcasters. Without a way to manage the increased internet traffic, viewers may suffer from the dreadful issue of buffering […]