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Rights to Broadcast Live Sports: Advice & Tips

Broadcast Live Sports

Viewers crave live sporting events, and sports is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Viewers generally don’t mind paying for subscriptions to TV and online OTT video services to watch their favorite sports teams. Pay-per-view sports has long been one of the most lucrative broadcast live video businesses. And with the massive […]

7 Pitfalls To Avoid While Live Streaming Events

In the words of marketing expert Neil Patel, “Live streaming is accessible and beneficial to everyone, and it’s time you started using it.” That doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. This blog will look at 7 common pitfalls that businesses fall into when live streaming events. Live streaming is more popular with businesses today than ever […]

How To Live Stream an Event

Live Stream an Event

In recent years, live-streamed events have become the ‘norm’ in our technology-driven and globally-connected society. A 2017 Forbes report on video marketing trends found that “internet video traffic will be over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 4 years.” Likewise, for mobile streaming, in particular, Cisco predicts that online video will account for 72% […]

Brightcove Competitors Comparison: Dacast and Ooyala

Streaming video services are well on their way to surpassing TV as the preferred way to watch content. According to one 2017 study, over 50% of American adults under 30 used streaming more than traditional tv.  With this trend, viewers are becoming more and more selective about when and where they watch. As a result, video […]

How to Fully Test Before Your Church Live Stream

Are you interested in live streaming your church’s events? Learn what equipment you’ll need and how to fully test before live video streaming. From cameras and encoders to professional streaming services, we’ll cover a full range of live streaming equipment you’ll need to test before broadcasting. End-to-end test This will encompass everything we talked about from […]

Best Practices for Local Government to Broadcast Live Streaming Content

The question of how to broadcast live video isn’t just for pro live streamers anymore; it’s for local government, too! This article covers the 9 best practices for local government to broadcast live streaming content. Local government generally strives to be self-evident with its citizens. To get accurate information out quicker and more efficiently, live […]

Important Tools For Live Streaming Production

Interested in live streaming solutions? Using Dacast’s platform makes it easy to successfully live stream. Loaded with unique features, the platform has everything a beginning or experienced broadcaster needs to stream. But before you get started to check out Nick Bacon’s blog on the must-use tools for live streaming production. Nick covers the two best […]

Solutions to the YouTube Music Copyright Rules

Have you had your content mistakenly taken down from a video hosting platform like YouTube for music copyright infringement? Have you gotten a strike on your account after being falsely accused of violating the YouTube music copyright rules? Well sit tight and take your hand off that stress ball, because this blog will cover solutions to prevent these problems. The Problem Over […]

Success Story: 1545 Media & Live Video Marketing

Dacast aids 1545 Media by providing them with a dependable and affordable platform. In turn 1545 Media provides great live video streaming and short video marketing for their clients. 1545 Media is an 11 time Telly and Davey Award-winner with experienced team members. Experts in both television production and short-form video production provide a strong […]