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Comparing the Top 7 Platforms to Live Stream Your Church Services in 2021

church streaming services

Churches and houses of worship bring people together through the meeting of religion and community. It’s a place where people can find salvation during hard times. Historically, tradition and word-of-mouth have been the way churches have expanded their reach. Today, modern technologies have created new options for getting church services out to those who need […]

Brightcove Competitor and Pricing Comparison [Updated for 2021]

Brightcove Pricing

Streaming video services are well on their way to surpassing TV as the preferred way to watch content. According to one 2017 study, over 50% of American adults under 30 used streaming more than traditional tv.  With this trend, viewers are becoming more and more selective about when and where they watch. As a result, video […]

How to Embed Live Streaming Video on Your Website

embed streaming video

Thanks to constant developments in video creation and streaming technology, creating and sharing videos is now easier than ever. Recent years have brought an increase in the popularity of video sharing across hundreds of different platforms.  This means that more people are sharing live and on-demand videos regularly. Knowing how to broadcast live and embed […]

Software vs. Hardware Streaming Encoders: Your Options Explained [2020 Update]

software vs. hardware encoders for live video streams

Encoders play an important role in maintaining a high-quality live stream. It’s important to understand the difference between software and hardware live streaming encoders so that you have the information you need to choose the best option for your streaming video broadcasts. In this post, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of streaming encoders. We’ll […]

How to Create a Live Streaming Pay Per View Sports Broadcast

pay per view live stream

Online streaming is blowing up in many industries, and sports are no exception.  A study by USC Annenberg and ThePostGame shows that 56% of sports fans are willing to invest in an OTT sports channel to watch games and matches over the internet. This was contrasted with traditional satellite and cable, which sports fans appear […]

How to Stream Live Video for Government in 7 Easy Steps

how to stream live video for government events

Is attendance at your local government events on the decline? Have you struggled to find new ways to engage more community members? Are you seeking a low-cost solution to increase turnout at your events? Welcome to the world of live video streaming! In today’s world, streaming solutions are an ideal way to engage your community […]

9 Best Blogs to Follow About Live Streaming Services

9 best blogs to follow about live streaming services

The live streaming industry is changing rapidly. Technology that was cutting edge a few years ago is now obsolete. Codecs, workflows, services—it’s all changing. One way to stay up-to-date is via the best blogs to follow live streaming services. This post will look at the 9 best blogs to follow live streaming services. We’ll also […]

9 Things You Need to Know About Business Live Streaming Services

More and more businesses are streaming live video on their website. Businesses are streaming conferences, meetings, product launches, training, and much much more. You may want to get involved in this. So what do you need to know to get started with live streaming services? Well, you need a few things: a plan, the equipment […]

5 Live Streaming Solutions That Are Improving The World in 2019

Live Streaming Solutions

Still unsure about how and when to implement live streaming solutions in your life and work? Not to worry! After reading this article, you’ll have a clearer picture of the diverse applications and benefits of several live streaming solutions! In this article, we discuss why live streaming is the future of distributing media. From global […]

7 Tips for Businesses to Stream Live Video

Video Streaming Tips

The video streaming market is predicted to be worth $70.5 billion by 2021. Live video streaming is making up the majority of that growth. Countless businesses, including Enterprises, sporting organizations, OTT/entertainment, news media, the educational market, and governments are choosing to stream live video. No matter what your goals are, live streaming can likely help. […]