9 Best Blogs to Follow About Live Streaming Services

9 Best Blogs to Follow About Live Streaming Services

Ah, the information superhighway. An incredible place filled with endless amounts of information. That can also make finding exactly what you’re looking for challenging sometimes, like the best live streaming services for example.

Blogs are the perfect way to discover up to the minute news on almost any subject, written by peers and experts in the industry. Most businesses will have their own blog section on their website, but following personal blogs is a great way to gain a different perspective on topics.

While blogs will continue to rise in use (78% of CMO’s think custom content is the future of marketing), I will discuss the 11 best blogs to follow about live streaming services based on my personal experience and research.

1. DaCast (Duh!)


Because you’re reading this right now, I’m going to assume you’re already on the DaCast blog page! Thanks for stopping by and I hope your enjoy your time here. Of course I had to put DaCast first, I’m a company man. DaCast blogs covers all aspects of video and live streaming. The creative and talented (it’s all about self-confidence) writers at DaCast bring their own original ideas to blogging.

2. Streaming Media Blog

Streaming Media is a news media source that covers everything about the streaming industry and community. They have one of the most comprehensive libraries of original articles, news updates, case studies, and hosted webinars on the streaming industry.

11 Best Blogs to Follow About Live Streaming ServicesThey have three distinct divisions. The website, obviously, which provides information on everything industry related. There are the conventions* and exhibitions they host, bringing influencers together in one place. Lastly, they provide both sponsored and unsponsored research and published data to provide for their audience.

One of their best attributes in the content marketing department is their weekly e-newsletter. Covering everything new and important in the world of streaming, it has been considered a “must read” by industry pundits.

*DaCast’s own VP Greg Ellis was in attendance at the Streaming Media Convention West dishing out tips.

3. Reel SEO

Reel SEO is another great resource for tips, trends, news and analysis on the online video industry. It is tailored

LegoPicture to online marketing and video producers but covers a great number of topics in streaming video. It’s a great site for learning about video Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video platforms, video statistics and tips on market research.

They also put on an event every year called Reel Summit that bring together the brightest and most influential minds in the industry.

4. TechCrunch


TechCrunch is one of the bigger sources for breaking news on high tech stories. They also have extensive reviews of new products and cover start-up companies in the technology sector. Live streaming is just one topic that TechCrunch blogs about but they have quite a large collection of articles on the subject. It would be a great source for specific live streaming inquiries.

5. OnlineVideo.net

OnlineVideo.net offers a full scale attack on video platform and strategies to give you the knowledge in all things video (that’s online). They are owned by the same parent company as Streaming Media (the #2 blog) and share many of the same writers. OnlineVideo.net does have their own unique taste however and as such deserves their own spot at #6. They set themselves apart by having detailed blogs about “Buyer’s Guide”, “How-To’s” and “Ultimate Guides” that all tailor to you, the user. They have lots of articles about live streaming. For instance they have a buying guide on live streaming services and an article on online video trends featuring live streaming.

6. Lost Remote

The Lost Remote focuses on exactly what you think it does, locating lost remotes using a top-secret, high tech11 Best Blogs to Follow About Live Streaming Services GPS service that… wait no, that’s not right! Lost Remote discusses everything TV. Specifically social media and how it relates to TV shows, apps, and engagement. The neat thing is they also have a specific section for live streaming! Perfect for reading up on popular news related to live streamed events.

7. Mashable

Mashable is a popular destination for many internet users browsing for the top stories in tech, business, and entertainment. They are more applicable to visual learners (guilty!) as they offer lots of short video news clips about the articles.

Targeting a younger audience, Mashable attempts to bring out important topics and stories quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect for a generation that can’t seem to focus on one thing for more than 10 seconds.

What was I talking about? Oo yeah, so it’s a great source for not only live video and tech but for just about anything else. You have to be under 30 to read the articles. JK LOL!!

11 Best Blogs to Follow About Live Streaming Services

8. Pro Video Coalition


Pro Video Coalition is a “community of media professionals” blog that shares tips, stories and guides on everything video related. Whether it’s review on new lenses, the best video drone planes, or Christmas gift ideas for editors, the team at PVC will have you covered.

They also have an “Experts page” where you can see the credentials of everyone who writes articles. It’s a great tool for providing credibility for their authors and allows you to get to know them on a more personal basis!

9. Video Technology

11 Best Blogs to Follow About Live Streaming ServicesVideo Technology  focuses on video in general. They cover the tech behind video content from streaming to
traditional, along with home video formats. The site is not specifically catered toward either streaming or live broadcasting, but is increasing their focus on this area as it continues to swell in popularity. For example, it’s not uncommon to see them talk about an encoder for video, even though there is an article next to it cover a new and upcoming TV set.


Hope you enjoyed the list and learned a few things on the way! Thanks for reading, see you next time when we talk about YouTube music licensing rights!


NOTE: An earlier version of this article had Vid Compare listed. They were removed as their website is no longer available, noting they will be back.

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