7 Video Monetization Platforms to Boost Your OTT Video Content

video monetization platforms

As media viewing increasingly shifts from TV to the internet, cord cutting is becoming dominant. In particular, traditional broadcast media is increasingly shifting to “OTT” (Over-The-Top) content. In this model, it’s the internet that’s delivering media to viewers. For example, research shows that the video streaming industry is will experience a revenue growth of 7% […]

6 Drawbacks to Rolling Out Your Own Live Streaming Server

live streaming server

Setting up your own live streaming server may sound like a tempting approach to broadcast live video streams online. After all, a DIY approach to live streaming should mean you can do everything you want to do in-house. With the phenomenal growth of cloud services over the past several years, building and deploying such a […]

Best Live Broadcasting Software of 2019

live broadcasting software

Nowadays, live streaming is easier and more powerful than ever before. In fact, we can see evidence of this everywhere around us in our daily lives. Research, too, shows that the global enterprise video market should reach $40.84 billion by 2022. Do the math–that’s an annual growth rate of more than 20 percent! In this […]

Top 10 Best Live Streaming Platforms for Professional and Business Use (2019 Update)

best live streaming platforms

When it comes to the best live video streaming for personal use, there are plenty of internet articles out there. Yet there’s a lack of credible information on professional-grade live streaming platforms. For new broadcasters looking to get in the streaming game, it can be challenging to objectively assess the available options. To help you […]

How to Choose an Online Video Hosting Platform for SMB

online video hosting platform

More and more small and medium businesses (SMBs) are using online video. And for good reason. An online video hosting platform is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing, sales, communication, and more. The statistics readily underscore the importance of video for your businesses. For example, video content makes online purchases 1.6x more likely. Likewise, marketers who […]

How to Easily Get Access to A Powerful Live Streaming CDN

live streaming CDN

Let’s imagine that you plan to produce video content for online distribution via multiple channels. You now face a crucial question around video distribution: What’s the best way to get your content in front of the maximum number of viewers possible? And that‘s where a live streaming CDN comes in! Nowadays, there are many possible live […]

Is Your HTML5 Video Player Fully Compatible?

HTML5 video player

Times are changing in the world of online video. Flash, which dominated online video for decades, has already experienced a terminal decline. Meanwhile, HTML5 video player options and formats continue to expand. This is great news for the security and speed of the internet. At the same, it’s caused a shakeup for an industry in […]

Top 7 CDN Providers for HTML5 Live Video Streaming in 2019

CDN providers

Are you in search of a powerful video streaming solution for delivering OTT content? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will look at the top 7 CDN providers in 2019 for mobile-compatible, HTML5 live video streaming. Over the past decade, young millennials (ages 14-25) began watching more video on digital devices […]

5 Business OTT Platforms for Over-The-Top Video Content

OTT platforms

Global OTT subscriptions are expected to hit 473 million in 2018, an 18 percent growth from 2017. More and more people are relying on internet video as the primary source of their entertainment. This article will look at how businesses are leveraging OTT platforms to manage, host, and deliver OTT content at scale. Specifically, we’ll […]