Live Streaming CDN Comparison for High Quality Broadcasts

A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a necessity for most online video needs. By distributing content to hundreds or thousands of servers, CDNs increase loading speed, reduce buffering and lagging, and decrease latency. However, CDNs differ in speed, best use, and geography. In fact, that’s why we decided to write this live streaming CDN […]

5 Essential Tools: Live Broadcasting for Media and Event Agencies

live broadcasting for media

Modern media companies are adapting to a rapidly changing landscape. In just a few short years, we’ve seen the decline of traditional and cable TV and a corresponding explosion in online video. Today, live broadcasting for media and event agencies play a key role in their business success. Why should media and event agencies invest […]

Video Lighting Setup: 6 Best Practices

video lighting setup

Lighting is essential in videography and photography. In fact, it’s so fundamental, it’s even in the name (photo: light, graphy: imaging). This blog post is going to focus on the video lighting setup. We’re going to provide 6 tips in this article. The first few tips will introduce you to the theory of video lighting. […]

Top 5 VOD platforms for Online Video Hosting in 2020

Today, Video-on-Demand, or VOD, is exploding. In particular, more and more people want to watch their online videos when and wherever they desire. For example, one recent report found video viewing on VOD platforms “[is] up 155% year-over-year, with an average viewing time of 17.1 minutes per session.” Unsurprisingly, businesses are capitalizing on this. The […]

Finding The Right Green Screen Stock Footage

green screen stock footage

If you’re using a green screen (more generally called “chroma-key”), sometimes you need to find stock footage for your broadcast. If you’re not sure where to start or need a refresher, this article will help you to understand the green screen stock footage process. For context, you can achieve a green screen effect by pointing […]

The Benefits of Live Broadcasting for Churches

There are thousands of houses of worship streaming their services online today. But what’s driving that trend? In other words, what are the benefits of live church broadcasts? This blog will examine the reasons why churches and congregations are increasingly choosing live video. If you want to connect with people from all over the world, […]

Upgrade to Dacast HTML5 Player Framework

HTML5 player

When people watch your videos, you don’t want them to think about the video player. You just want it to work. A modern online video player should be fast, feature-rich, and compatible with any device. And that’s just what you get with Dacast’s HTML5 player. In this post, we’re excited to announce our new player […]

2019 OTT Video Platform Comparison: Integrated Monetization Tools

Every area of home entertainment spending has declined over the past five years—except online video. In fact, worldwide OTT revenue is expected to reach $83.4 billion by 2022. And that’s why businesses in the media and entertainment sectors are eager to join the party and invest in an OTT video platform. Today, there are three […]