Success Story: How Twin Galaxies Used Video Hosting to Build a Business

Watching video games is now bigger than viewing traditional sports. This “eSports” revolution is hard to believe for some people, but it’s real and it’s here to stay. A billion dollar industry has emerged around this market, and growth continues to explode. Twin Galaxies is one great example of a business that focuses on the […]

What Are the Features of a Secure Online Video Platform?

secure online video platform

Online video is a powerful technology that everything from businesses to educational institutions to the government itself are increasingly using. The star of online video and live streaming is definitely rising. Streaming is now available on any device, at any time. Experts estimate that video will make up a full 76% of web traffic by 2020. […]

How to Choose the Best API for Video Streaming

video streaming API

Any entrepreneur or developer may reach a time when they must make critical decisions. These decisions that can shape their business or product moving forward. Choosing a Video Streaming API is one of these important decision points that should factor into your streaming solutions. The API you choose to integrate live video streaming will influence your […]

The State of the OTT Solutions Industry in 2019

We got back from NAB 2019 a few weeks ago. Whew! At the event, there were 100,000 professionals from the media, tech, streaming solutions, and entertainment industries, all in one room. There was also some great new tech on display, including Teradek’s new wireless 4K solutions. Of course, we could talk about fun new cameras […]

How And Why To Use Online Video In Education

online video in education

Video has played an integral role in education for a while now. Flipped Classrooms, Micro-Learning, Student Vlogs are no longer novelties. A survey carried out by Zane Education found that 94% of teachers incorporated video and live streaming into their class in the past year and most of them use it at least once per week. […]

Best OBS Studio Settings for Broadcasting Live Streams on Akamai Network

best OBS studio settings

As live video streaming becomes more ubiquitous in our daily lives, more people than ever are trying out broadcasting. And this means that live streaming newbies are learning to deal with the technical issues inherent to stream live video. Don’t misunderstand—it’s pretty darn easy to create a high-quality live stream today, but it does take a […]

Ebook: How to Professionally Plan and Produce Video for Business

Introduction The video streaming market is experiencing massive growth. Overall, the video streaming industry is predicted to be worth $70.5 billion by 2021. Within that industry, live streaming is making up the majority of the expected growth over the next few years. In the words of marketing expert Neil Patel, “Live streaming is accessible and […]

Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Secure Video Hosting

Introduction Within the next two years, the video streaming market is predicted to be worth $70.5 billion. With that success comes an increase in privacy concerns. In today’s digital world, video security represents an important challenge for businesses and organizations. Security firms are measuring an increase in piracy and other forms of digital attack every […]

Webinar: Everything You Need To Know About Delivering Video Into China

In early 2019, DaCast–an established SaaS platform offering video hosting and live streaming solutions–acquired video hosting platform vzaar. This acquisition brings together two major players in the online video streaming industry. Overall, it will allow diverse businesses to access more powerful video hosting and live streaming solutions at the best rates. Since its founding in […]

Ebook: A Complete Guide to The Flipped Classroom

Introduction Education is changing rapidly as modern technologies are increasingly influencing the way we teach. One study indicates that eighty-eight percent of universities reported findings that video increases student achievement levels. Other similar research has shown that video use in the education can be “highly effective.” These outcomes are reflected among educators as well, with […]