Video Encoders for Live Streaming – What Broadcasters Need to Know

encoder for live streaming

Video and live streaming are where it’s at right now. By 2027,  industry analysts are predicting a CAGR of 20.7% and an estimated industry net worth of over 184 Billion dollars. Considering this same market was valued at 30 billion just a few years ago (2016), this represents an unprecedented opportunity for broadcasters.  The extensive […]

The Top Online Video Platform for Businesses [Updated for 2020]

online video platform

Do you remember the early days of Google Video and YouTube? In 2020, more than a decade later, so much has changed. YouTube has long been a multi-billion dollar business. And today, the majority of people in the U.S. stream live video on their phones regularly. Consequently, a multitude of hosting services have emerged in […]

2020 Guide to Streaming Server Hosting for Live Video and VOD

streaming server hosting

Whether you’re an individual, business, or other organization, hosting streaming video is a demanding process. Simply put, videos are resource hogs. Files are large and bandwidth requirements are bigger. And if a video gets too popular, it can grind performance to a halt. Unless, of course, you’ve chosen the best streaming server hosting package. The […]

7 Best Platforms to Live Stream Your Church Services in 2020

Broadcasting a church

Churches and houses of worship bring people together through the meeting of religion and community. It’s a place where people can find salvation during hard times. Historically, tradition and word-of-mouth have been the way churches have expanded their reach. Today, modern technologies have created new options for getting church services out to those who need […]

How to Stream Live Video Over the Internet: Best Practices for 2020

how to stream live video over the internet

Streaming video online has become an approachable and relevant avenue for businesses. When streaming live video over the internet started, it seemed complex and didn’t seem to provide businesses with enough ROI. But with robust streaming solutions being readily available to new and experienced broadcasters, that’s changed now. Online video is growing explosively. Hours spent […]

Video Management Software: How Businesses Optimize Delivery of Online Video

Video Management Software

Businesses are increasingly investing in online video. And it’s no surprise why that’s the case. The global video streaming market is estimated to be worth $184.30 billion by 2027. That market includes an exploding OTT and media industry, eLearning, live sports, and the online video for events and training. One key part of business success […]

Video Encoding: The Definitive Guide [Updated for 2020]

video encoding guide - what it is and how it works

Video technology has undergone massive evolution in the past couple of decades. This growth has come simultaneously with the development of the internet.  While motion pictures—videos made of large collections of still photos—were fine in the age of VHS tapes and even DVDs, it made for excessively bulky files when videos became digital. It became […]

In-House vs. Cloud Solutions: Video Streaming Server Software

video streaming server software

Should you build your own video streaming server software and stack, or invest in a cloud solution? As a video strategy becomes an increasingly critical tool for businesses, many executives and IT teams are considering this question. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the topic of video streaming server software. Among other questions, we’ll […]

How to Set Up Live Streaming Video on a Website

livestream - set up video streaming on your website.

Live streaming has found its place in the business world, and it’s serving a multitude of purposes. Some businesses offer paid live streaming solutions for events, and others use live streaming as a way to build online communities to support their brands. While it’s possible to use Youtube, Facebook, Periscope and other third party social […]

How to Get Started with Video Hosting for Your Business

video hosting for business

Video is a powerful means of communication. 85% of businesses leverage videos for training, education, outreach, community building, sales, and marketing. If your business is ready to start utilizing video, you will need to consider which corporate video hosting service you’ll partner with. Most people who get started with video hosting begin with a free, […]