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Dacast Announces Mobile Video Service, Partners With Akamai


“Self-service video platform Dacast has partnered with Akamai to create a rich video streaming service for mobile devices. The service lets publishers upload live or on-demand video to their sites, and have that video play on iOS or Android devices. The service is part of Dacast’s cloud offering, which offers do-it-yourself video management. It’s available […]

Dacast : An Easy and Innovative Solution for VOD and Streaming


  “Dacast se présente comme la  première plateforme web de « streaming » vidéo entièrement intégrée et self service. Simple est performante elle permet de mettre en ligne du contenu video a de les monétiser de façon intuitive.” Translation: Dacast introduces itself as the first web video streaming platform that is fully integrated and self-service. […]

Dacast Launches Self-Serve Live Video Streaming

Dacast Announcement

Dacast is proud to announce the launch of its self-serve live video streaming platform. The service is “do it yourself”, allowing for quick live broadcasting. After years of work, Dacast is officially out of beta and released to the public. The platform offers self-service live streaming. Through using the do it yourself model, it offers […]