New HTML5 Player FAQ: All of Your Questions Answered

  Introducing the Dacast’s New HTML5 Player Framework As you may know, Dacast is now a unified streaming platform that offers both VOD and live stream hosting. We are excited to announce our new HTML5 player framework. We have partnered with THEOplayer, a leader in video player technology, in order to give all of our […]

Using Embedded Players with Dacast: A Walkthrough

One of the most appealing aspects of using a professional video hosting solution like Dacast is the ability to embed your video player just about anywhere, including your own app or website.  Today, we are going to explain how to use your Dacast embedded player. What are Embedded Players? Embedded players are media players enclosed […]

Player Theme: Customize the Video Player’s Offline Message

Learn how to customize your video player’s offline message on Dacast in a few simple steps. Small touches like these give your viewers an on-brand experience, which puts you in a professional light. What is the Offline Error Message? Whenever a live stream or a VOD on Dacast goes offline or is having an issue, […]

Where is the License Key for the HTML5 JWPlayer API?

Following the launch of JW8 in October 2017, self-hosting the HTML5 player is now only available to Enterprise customers. If you are an Enterprise customer, you should be able to access your license key in your JW Player account. New Free license customers with accounts created before mid-September 2017 will not have access to self-hosted […]