What is Responsive Video Embed and Does Dacast Support It?

  Yes, Dacast supports responsive video embeds.  If you’re not familiar, responsive video simply means that the video automatically is resized to fit the width of the video player while maintaining the aspect ratio of the original video. This way, the player doesn’t cut off any of the video trying to fill the player. You’ll […]

Can I Set a Live Stream Thumbnail for the Player?

Yes, you can set a live stream thumbnail for your video player on Dacast.  Here are the steps to set up a video thumbnail: STEP 1: Go to the “Engagement” tab on either your live stream or VOD channel.  STEP 2: Once you are there, navigate to “Brand Image.” This will enable you to add […]

How Do I Embed on Google Sites via Dacast?

Embedding a video in Google Sites via Dacast is made simple with our embedding tools. It is as simple as copying and pasting a simple embed code. If you are embedding a Dacast video player on a Google Site and want to use the iframe, make sure the “HTTP” is set to “https.” Here is […]

Can I Customize Video Player Themes on Dacast?

Through the use of video player themes, you can implement many customizations and changes to your Dacast HTML5 video player. Here is the complete list of things you can do to customize video players on Dacast: Change the offline message and it’s positioning Alter the player controls and play button Allow the player to display […]