Video On Demand Reporting

In the evolving field of data analytics and content consumption, remaining competitive necessitates tools that offer valuable insights and deliver them conveniently. We are pleased to introduce you to the Video On Demand Reports feature, designed to enhance how you access, analyse, and modify video metrics and content. In this new feature, we have added […]

Dacast Analytics Dashboard: An Intro to Key Features

Table of Contents 3 Things to Know About Your Analytics Dashboard 1. Timezone Settings 2. Start Date of the Data Collection for the New Graphs 3. Conditions of Data Collection How to Read Your Video Analytics Data How Long Does it Take for the Dacast Analytics Dashboard to Populate? Analytics per Content Additional Resources    […]

Navigating the Dacast VOD Solution: A Walkthrough

This guide will show you how to upload a video file to your Dacast VOD solution account.  1. Get Started with VOD Streaming To upload a video to Dacast you must sign in to your account and click the “Add +” button found on the left hand side of the dashboard and then click on […]

Dacast Analytics Audience: How to Read the Graphs

  You will be able to review your Audience analytics in two different ways: per content and globally.  1. Per Content: You will be able to access per content Audience analytics for both your Live Streams and Videos. To review your Audience analytics per content under the Live Streams and/or Videos sections, you will have […]

Is There a Way to Save a Copy of my Dacast Analytics?

  Yes, it is possible to save a copy of your Dacast analytics. Users can download their analytics as a CSV (comma-separated values) file or XLS (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file), which can be read in a normal text editor. It is also compatible with programs like Microsoft Excel. To download your video player analytics, you […]