Dacast Paywall Analytics: How to Read the Graphs

  There are a few ways to read the Paywall analytics graphs on Dacast.  Dacast Paywall Analytics The paywall analytics section will give you access to your sales and revenue by time and country/location. You will be able to review your sales and revenue in two different ways: per content and globally.  1. Per content: […]

How Long Does it Take for the Dacast Analytics Dashboard to Populate?

  Your Dacast Analytics Dashboard will populate in real time video analytics within your account. The Dashboard section will help you to understand your viewers’ engagement and will provide you with the following information: Data usage Audience Engagement Paywall Plays by location Top 10 content How to Read Graphs on Dacast Analytics You are wondering […]

How to Read the Information on the Dacast Video Analytics Dashboard

  In this tutorial, we will cover how to read graphs on the Dacast analytics dashboard. For an overall tutorial of our new analytics platform, please read our dedicated tutorial. The dashboard gives you an analysis of your overall content and provides you the following general information: data usage, audience, engagement, paywall, plays by location, […]

Walkthrough to Per Content Video Analytics on Dacast

Let’s find out more about our in-house build Video Analytics Technology! If you want to better understand how your viewers consume a specific live stream or video on demand, you can now do it with per content analytics on Dacast. To see the analytics of a specific piece of video content, you must select the […]

How to Link Google Analytics to Your Dacast Analytics

  Before we get started, please be sure that you have both a Google Analytics account and an active Dacast account.   Linking your Google Analytics to your Dacast account is a convenient way to collect more data on your streaming video traffic and enhance the built-in Dacast analytics. Together, these tools will offer you […]