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What is Responsive Video Embed and Does Dacast Support It?

  Yes, Dacast supports responsive video embeds.  If you’re not familiar, responsive video simply means that the video automatically is resized to fit the width of the video player while maintaining the aspect ratio of the original video. This way, the player doesn’t cut off any of the video trying to fill the player. You’ll […]

Wirecast Multi-Bitrates Settings Live Streaming Configuration

  Encoding, multi-bitrate streaming, and adaptive streaming are all very important elements for maintaining an excellent user experience and improving the quality of your live stream. In this post, we’re going to discuss how these features look in action with the Wirecast live encoding software. We will cover how to set up this software encoder […]

Can I Encode Video Files Before I Upload Them to Dacast?

Encoding your video files before upload is definitely an option with Dacast. If your file sizes are larger than 1GB, we actually recommend encoding with a dedicated software before uploading.  There are a number of free services out there that will aid you in doing this. We recommend you try either Handbrake and Zamzar. No […]

Why is My VOD not Working?

There could be a number of reasons why a video would not be working. This article will cover some of the reasons why this could be happening.  Oftentimes, the videos may not play because the file is corrupt. Corrupt files are a result of errors occurring while the video is recording, transferring, or in playback. […]

How to Set up Video Security Preferences with the New Back Office

One of the most valuable features of Dacast is a highly effective video security toolbox. The platform is equipped with several features that allow you to keep your content out of the wrong hands. Some of these features include: SSL video streaming AES video encryption Geo-restrictions Dynamic token security In this guide, we will give […]