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Change Wirecast Video Encoding Profile for HTML5

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to change the HTML5 video encoding settings in Wirecast to “Baseline.” How to Change the Wirecast Video Encoding Profile To change your video encoding profile, go to Wirecast and open the “Output Settings” window.  There are a few ways to go about this.  OPTION 1: Click on […]

Can I Encode Video Files Before I Upload Them to Dacast?

Encoding your video files before upload is definitely an option with Dacast. If your file sizes are larger than 1GB, we actually recommend encoding with a dedicated software before uploading.  There are a number of free services out there that will aid you in doing this. We recommend you try either Handbrake and Zamzar. No […]

How to use the Advanced Video Hosting Platform?

A How to use the Advanced Video Hosting Platform?   Dacast is now a unified video platform that includes live and on demand streaming, making advanced video hosting a standard feature. We are in the process of a full migration, and for all customers interested in the new offering, and have put together a thorough […]

Are There Video File Size Limitations on Dacast?

No, Dacast does not place limits on video file size. However, it is important to point out that videos with larger file sizes could impose issues on the viewers’ end, so they require a bit of extra attention. For example, if you are uploading a 4K file, it is important that you offer multiple renditions […]