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Conduct a Private Stream with Viewer Restrictions

  Yes, it is possible to conduct a private live stream event via Dacast for a select audience. You can secure your content by setting up a password, Domain Control, Signed Keys, or Geo-restrictions. Check the steps below to know how to create a private stream. How can I protect my contents with Dacast? STEP […]

Understanding How Simulcast is Charged with Dacast

Dacast emerges as a robust streaming solution, offering users the ability to reach a wider audience through simulcasting. Simulcast is the practice of broadcasting content simultaneously across multiple platforms, expanding the reach of your live streams.  Depending on your plan, you have a certain number of hours available per month to simulcast:  Starter: 5 hours  […]

How to Organize Dacast VOD Content in the New Back Office

  One of the great functions of Dacast is a comprehensive video content management system of VOD content. In this post, we will guide you through the process of organizing your Dacast VOD content in the back office by creating folders of videos. To get started, you must be logged into your Dacast account at […]

Who Should My Viewers Contact for a Refund or Paywall Issue?

A Who Should My Viewers Contact for a Refund or Paywall Issue? How to Get a Refund For a Paywall Issue? Your viewers will need to contact How to Resolve Paywall Issues Your viewers can also contact this same email address if they are facing an issue such as: resolving username and password problems […]