Dacast Launches Features for High Quality Live Streaming

Dacast Launches Features for High Quality Live Streaming Image

Updated, easier to use platform with an improved interface being unveiled

SAN FRANCISCO, January 11, 2011 – Dacast, the first fully integrated, self-service platform for live video streaming, today announced a new updated version to their high-quality live streaming offering.

“After only two months, Dacast is proving its strength with over 400 sign-ups from people looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for their live streaming needs. To reinforce this position, Dacast is going into the new year with increased functionality that is backed by an even easier to use interface,” said Stephane Roulland, CEO of Dacast. “The new version of the platform is focused on making broadcasting as easy as possible for our users. Doubling the conversion rate between users and clients gives us a leadership position in ease of use for streaming live content.”

The updated version of Dacast is available now for both old and new users alike. The new platform replaces the original offering with a more graphical-oriented interface. An online wizard, enabling a quick walkthrough of getting started in live streaming in four easy steps, is also offered for users who want additional guidance.

High quality streaming on the service is provided, and backed by a partnership with EdgeCast Networks Inc., a leading CDN (content delivery network). With the new version of Dacast, this high-quality streaming is now more effective than ever as additional support has been added to make professional encoding that is much easier for users. As a dynamic start-up, this will be the first of several cutting edge features incorporated into the platform in the coming month.

Dacast also continues to supply its rich array of monetization features, all built-in and completely compatible with the new system. Backed by deep analytics and a free trial to get people started, Dacast is a great New Year’s resolution choice for anyone that has been intending to broadcast but just couldn’t find the time or patience to deal with other, more complex services.

About Dacast
Dacast is headquartered in San Francisco, California with a European office in London, UK. The management and technical teams have extensive experience in all aspects of live video streaming, video advertising, and online marketing. The team is passionate about self-service online video streaming and is ready to help users reach a broader audience and boost revenues from their video content. For additional information, please visit Dacast.

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