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Selecting Live Streaming Platforms Based on 4 Essential Features

4 essentials features

  As the internet becomes a more central part of our entertainment lives, live video is taking center stage. “Live streaming is becoming ubiquitous across every industry and remains red hot in 2018,” according to Corey Behnke. That’s certainly been true in our experience. This blog will look at a selection of live streaming platforms […]

How to Integrate a Streaming Platform Into Your Media Workflow


  A streaming platform is a powerful tool for online video management. But it can be even more powerful when integrated into your existing products, platforms, and services. A video API is the best tool for this scenario. This article will focus on using the video API of a streaming platform. Specifically, we’ll look at […]

The Challenges and Opportunities of VR Streaming


Dacast is pleased to introduce Eduardo Yeh, co-founder of Selvz, who is going to share with us the challenges and opportunities of VR streaming.  Every time a new technology comes around, the possibilities it presents are astounding. Take for instance the recent rise of virtual streaming. Now, who wouldn’t have wanted to sit in the cockpit […]

Dacast & AmpLive Partnership to Boost Your Live Events


Big news! We’re announcing today that Dacast is now partnering with AmpLive. AmpLive is the premier distributor of live streams. They work with a network of more than 3,000 publishers globally to get your streams in front of high-quality audiences, fast. This service will be extremely useful to Dacast broadcasters and accessible at a very […]

How To Maximize Revenue From Your Over-The-Top Content


Two recent headlines caught my attention. The first was, “OTT to Overtake Broadcast in Five Years,” which details a report from Level3 Communications finding that streaming media will bypass traditional and cable television before 2020. Over-the-top content is on the rise, and will soon take over the industry. The second headline was a little less […]