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Video Transcoding: The Best Video Bitrates for Mobile Streaming [2023 Update]

bitrate for mobile streaming

Wondering what is bitrate and how it affects videos? Well, we’ve got all the answers for you in this post. But first, let’s start by tracing how videos have evolved over the last few years. When the first iPhone came out, mobile streaming wasn’t possible due to incompatible video players. Even after this issue was […]

Video Transcoding: Technology You Need to Improve Your User’s Experience

video transcoding

In a late 2017 study, 63 percent of streaming video viewers cited buffering issues as the most serious problem they encounter. That number represented an increase from the 2016 figures, and the same findings are true today.  Overall, they point to a very serious challenge with online video. How can you provide a good quality […]

Video Transcoding Services: New Transcoding Limits on VODs

Video Encoding and Transcoding

  1. What is Transcoding? Transcoding is the process that allows you to create several renditions of the same video allowing you to offer your viewers different video qualities. Transcoding is also used when the original uploaded format of the video cannot be played. 2. What are Transcoding Credits? Transcoding credits represent the amount of […]