How to Cancel a Dacast Account


Wondering how to cancel your Dacast account? The answer to this question depends on whether you are using a Dacast free trial account or a paid Dacast account. In this post, we will cover how to cancel your Dacast account for both paid plans and free trials.

How to Cancel a Dacast Free Trial 

As you may know, we provide a totally free trial with no strings attached. So, if you aren’t happy after using the free trial, you can cancel it with no fees or penalties. Now, if you want to opt-out from our mailing list, you can do it directly by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the last email you’ve received from us, requesting to unsubscribe through your account manager or via email at Please remember that our 14-day free trial provides you with 10 GBs, which is enough to stream high-quality video to about 10 people for two hours. If you need further assistance with your free trial or switch to a paying account, please contact us at any time. 

How to Cancel a Paid Account on Dacast

If you have a paying account with Dacast, you will have to contact your account executive to cancel your account. If you change your mind before the end of your commitment and you want to downgrade, or pause your plan, you can also do it by giving us a call. We invite you also to contact us anytime via our chat online to get further information and help regarding our different plans.

Submitting a Cancellation Request Form

After contacting us, you will need to file a cancellation request within your Dacast account by answering the cancellation form, we just need some information as to why you want to cancel your subscription:

  • Reason for cancelling
  • Are you moving to another streaming provider? If yes, may we know?
  • The effective date of the cancellation. (It could be at the end of the subscription period or immediate).

You will be prompted to enter your password to confirm the request upon submission.

You will receive an email confirmation once the request has been processed.

The feedback is valuable to us so we can improve our services. We appreciate your time and business with us.

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