How Do I Check Open Ports for Live Streaming on Windows?

Dacast needs ports 80, 443, or 1935 open in order to live stream. Most setups should have these ports already opened by default, but you should first check 1935 before streaming.

To find this, you can use the “Command Prompt.” Please search for how to use the command prompt for your particular version of Windows, although most (like Windows 7 and 8) just require you to search “cmd.”

Once there, type in “netstat -a” in the Command Prompt window, and press “Enter.”

This will give you a result similar to what’s pictured below:

Ports for Live Streaming - Command PromptFor Windows 10 users, you must click (Windows + R) to invoke Run dialog. At this point, type “cmd” to open the Command Prompt. Type “netstat -ano” to list states of all ports.

This will give you the following results:

Ports for Live Streaming - Admin Command Prompt

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