Multi-CDN and Advanced Streaming Channels

What is Multi CDN?

This exclusive feature will give you access to multiple CDNs. Most of the streaming will be done with the main CDN, however, if there is a problem we will automatically use the backup CDN so the stream will not be interrupted.

What is Advanced Streaming?

The advantage of Advanced Streaming channels is that they all have Live Transcoding built-in. This means you can send us one stream and we will make up to 5 renditions for your viewers to choose from. This will allow viewers with varying connection strengths to have the best quality stream their network can support.

Setting up an Advanced Live Streaming Channel

To set up an Advanced Live Streaming channel, you will need to speak with our Sales team about purchasing this feature (available as an add-on feature for Event plans and above). Once you have access to the feature you can follow these steps:


1. In the ‘Live Streams’ section of your account, click the ‘Create Live Stream’ button.


 2. Click the “Choose advanced options” at the bottom to add more details.


 3. The next step will allow you to modify the name of the stream, select the region source, and Stream slot type.


4. In this window, you can also enable “China streaming” if you have the account privilege. And the DVR (30 min rewind) feature.

Just click the switch to turn it on.

5. Then click the blue ‘Create’ button.


An important thing to note is that you will need to do one of the two items below:

A) Schedule to start the live stream at a specific date with a duration of how long you will be streaming for. 


B) Click the “Start Streaming Now” button.  If you choose option B, please remember to click “Stop Streaming” when you are done to avoid Advanced Live Streaming overage charges.

The advanced streaming feature can be an add-on to your existing plan for special events. Our sales experts are more than happy to assist.

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Rizaldy Samonte

Zac is a part of the Dacast Support team and started working with the company in 2020. He has vast experience in customer service/engagement and live streaming support.