Why do I get an error message in the recording settings on vMix?

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This error occurs on systems where the Windows DVD Player is installed, or on systems upgraded from Windows 7 and 8 that included Media Center.

This issue is due to a recent Windows 10 update: Update KB4013429, rolled out last week, causing the vMix Record Settings to become unavailable.


Please note that this is a temporary solution until Microsoft issues a new update on this.

1. Check to ensure your Windows version is affected by click the Start Menu, typing in Winver and pressing enter.
1.1 If the version is: Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.953) AND you see an error message when opening the vMix recording settings proceed to step 2
1.2 Otherwise contact Vmix for further support.

2. Download the following zip file and then extract it into an empty folder: https://www.vmix.com/download/CompPkgSupFix.zip

3. Open the folder and locate the file CompPkgSup.dll then right click it and select Copy

4. Browse to the folder C: Program Files (x86) vMix x64

5. Right click inside this folder and select Paste

6. When prompted to confirm administrator permission, select Continue

7. vMix should now work correctly.

Important Note: The file copied above should be deleted once Microsoft releases an update to prevent potential conflicts

For more information about the vMix Fix for Update KB4013429, visit the vMix Knowledge Base.

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