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How to Set Up a Multi-Camera Live Streaming Webcast [2024 Update]

How to Set Up a Multi-Camera Live Streaming Webcast Image

Today, a live-streaming webcast is an increasingly popular medium for distributing content. Used by broadcasters and businesses of all kinds, this video technology allows for incredible audience reach. And as more people move away from traditional media sources such as cable, live stream webcasts are seeing surges in viewership. With the increased ubiquity of webcasts, […]

Streaming Media 3rd Party Players

Streaming-Media-3rd-Party-Players image

  Projects involving streaming video present a series of challenges to any business or organization. One of those challenges is choosing the right 3rd party players for your website. Most people don’t know much about 3rd party players or how it works because their only interaction with this technology is to click the “play” button. In this […]