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Streaming with Livestream vs UStream Compared with Dacast

As technology evolves, our ability to capture moments on video continues to expand. These days, you can record a baseball game, upload it online and have people pay to watch. It really is as easy as it sounds! All you need to decide is which streaming platform is the best fit for you. Most likely, […]

How To Reach Your Audience

So, you’re finally ready to begin live streaming, or maybe you’ve already started. But one major hurdle remains: building an audience that will actually watch your video content and help spread it to a broader audience. Once your live stream is prepared on your video hosting service, learning how to reach your audience is a fundamental […]

Streaming Media 3rd Party Players

Projects involving streaming video present a series of challenges to any business or organization. One of those challenges is choosing the right 3rd party players for your website. Most people don’t know much about 3rd party players or how it works because their only interaction with this technology is to click the “play” button. In this article, […]