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The Best Alternative to YouTube for Small Businesses

Youtube Alternatives

We have all seen and experienced the change in sharing content online in the past ten years. For example, I recall when people began to shift towards video sharing, as well as when YouTube was brought under Google’s umbrella in 2006. More than a decade later, YouTube is certainly the most popular streaming platform in […]

11 Ways to Generate Revenue from Live Streaming

When you set out to live stream an event, it’s easy to get caught off guard when it comes to expenses. After all, live streaming can add significant, unforeseen costs to broadcasting a show or event. Besides staffing, cameras, and other equipment, you’ll also need to budget for a streaming solution like Dacast to host […]

How To Reach Your Audience

So, you’re finally ready to begin live streaming, or maybe you’ve already started. But one major hurdle remains: building an audience that will actually watch your video content and help spread it to a broader audience. Once your live stream is prepared on your video hosting service, learning how to reach your audience is a fundamental […]