In What Currency Will Dacast Issue My Paywall Revenue?

What Currency Will My Paywall Revenue Be In? For all your video monetization efforts, Dacast will give you back your video paywall revenue in USD. Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us. Not yet a Dacast user, and are interested in trying Dacast risk-free for 14 days? Sign up today to […]

Who Should My Viewers Contact for a Refund or Paywall Issue?

How to Get a Refund For a Paywall Issue? Your viewers will need to contact How to Resolve Paywall Issues Your viewers can also contact this same email address if they are facing an issue such as: resolving username and password problems payment processing assistance and problem resolution assistance with navigating around application menus […]

Pay-Per-View vs. Subscription: What’s the Difference?

  Pay-Per-View vs. Subscription Pay-per-view and subscription are two monetization models available with the Dacast paywall. When it comes to video monetization, a subscription requires a viewer to pay for unlimited access to your content over a fixed amount of time. Pay-per-view, on the other hand, requires viewers to pay for access to individual pieces […]

Managing Different Currencies in the Dacast Paywall

The Dacast paywall manages different currencies to enhance the inclusivity of the platform. Here is how Dacasts monetization tools manage different currencies: STEP 1: Your viewers pay the pay-per-view or subscription price for your video content in whatever currency pricing you set up in your Dacast account. All the transactions are available under Paywall > […]