What is an HTTP Website Referrer?

The HTTP website referrer option on Dacast lets you add website referral restrictions to your content. For example, if you own the website www.test.com, you can set up a restriction to block sites that arent www.test.com from trying to grab and reuse your embed code. H2> How a Website Referrer Relates to Dacast Under the […]

What is a CDN? | How Do CDNs Work?

In the professional broadcasting world, CDN is short for content delivery network. A CDN is a network of servers that deliver a web page or web content, such as video, to a user. The CDN copies the web content to a network of servers that are dispersed to different locations around a geographic region. When […]

Which Dacast Embed Code Should I Use?

Dacast provides two embed code options for live streaming: JS and iframe. Both of these work for playback on your website or app via desktop and mobile devices as long as the content itself supports it. The JS embed code is the default embed code for Dacast, and it supports the most features. This includes […]