Mailinator and Yopmail Setup: Why Won’t it Work on Dacast?

  Mailinator and Yopmail Limitations Unfortunately, Mailinator and Yopmail setup are impossible for live streaming on Dacast because our system does not allow disposable email addresses like these. We recommend using legitimate emails like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. You can even use your own company email that uses your own domain. If you have any […]

Pay-Per-View vs. Subscription: What’s the Difference?

Pay-Per-View vs. Subscription Pay-per-view and subscription are two monetization models available with the Dacast paywall. When it comes to video monetization, a subscription requires a viewer to pay for unlimited access to your content over a fixed amount of time. Pay-per-view, on the other hand, requires viewers to pay for access to individual pieces of […]

How Do I Update my Billing Information?

  To update your billing information you navigate to the Account/Billing section after yousign into your Dacast account. By clicking on Update Payment Method you will be able to change your payment method. NOTE: Your financial institution may automatically update the expiration date on a credit card as a courtesy. Some financial institutions do this […]

When Will I Be Billed?

  Dacast will charge you monthly or annually (depending on your plan), on the anniversary of the date you initially purchased the subscription. Charges are billed at the beginning of your billing cycle. If you would like to know your next billing date or current plan, you can visit the Plan section after you sign […]