Dacast Video Storage Overview and Pricing FAQ

This column acts as a detailed Q&A for how storage works over the Dacast system. Please feel free to comment on which topics you’d like to see addressed here. How Much Storage is Included with My Account? This depends on your plan level. Please log in to your Dacast account and click DASHBOARD and the […]

How Do I Update my Billing Information?

  To update your billing information you navigate to the Account/Billing section after yousign into your Dacast account. By clicking on Update Payment Method you will be able to change your payment method. NOTE: Your financial institution may automatically update the expiration date on a credit card as a courtesy. Some financial institutions do this […]

When Will I Be Billed?

  Dacast will charge you monthly or annually (depending on your plan), on the anniversary of the date you initially purchased the subscription. Charges are billed at the beginning of your billing cycle. If you would like to know your next billing date or current plan, you can visit the Plan section after you sign […]

What does GB stand for and how does it relate to Dacast?

  GB is an abbreviation for gigabytes, this is a measure of data generally used to specific storage space on a platform or as a level of traffic for bandwidth, and is equal to roughly one billion bytes, or 1,073,741,824 bytes to be exact. Another measure for a gigabyte is that it is traditionally equal […]

Does my Dacast Subscription Automatically Renew?

  Yes. Your subscription will automatically renew at the same monthly or annual price unless you cancel before the end of the billing period. If you bought a Monthly plan and prepaid for 3 months, it will begin monthly renewals at the end of the prepaid 3 months period. If you have any questions about […]