What is Video Frame Rate (FPS) and Why Is It Important To Live Streaming?

The terms frame rate and FPS are often used interchangeably. FPS stands for frames per second and refers to the number of video frames that display each second in video.

Essentially, FPS is the unit of measurement for frame rate.

You can control how many frames per second a video has when broadcasting over Dacast in your encoder settings.

The human eye is well equipped to see over 100 FPS, although the defacto standard is often around 60 FPS. As a rule of thumb, you can get away with lower FPS (which would also lower the amount of bandwidth you are using) if you are streaming low motion content.

If there is really fast motion in your video, you should use a higher FPS to make the motion appear more fluid.

For more information on frame rate settings you should use with Dacast, please take a look at our live streaming encoder configuration guide.

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