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What Is Transcoding and Why Is It Important to Video Streaming?

What Is Transcoding and Why Is It Important to Video Streaming Image

Video is people’s preferred content medium. One of the most recent statistics for 2023 shows that 82% of all internet content is video. Furthermore,  85% of all internet users view online videos monthly. Savvy businesses, organizations and creators have picked up on this and use it to their advantage. By sharing video content, they can connect with […]

What Is H.264 Streaming Encoder?

What Is H.264 Streaming Encoder Image

Video streaming online has fundamentally changed the way we consume information. With technology constantly evolving, it’s natural that advanced video coding should improve image quality and make for increasingly easy video transmission. For broadcasters, companies and creators and regardless of the industry, this rapid advancement can mean keeping up can be difficult. But it’s essential you […]

TCP vs UDP – Which Is Better for Streaming?

TCP vs UDP Which Is Better for Streaming

Streaming is an innovative way to connect with your audience, especially as video is one of the most effective, preferred mediums for online consumers. Streaming can seem difficult, with many associated technicalities to consider. It’s rarely as straightforward as configuring a stream and hoping for the best, so it’s important to understand different video formats […]

What is Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

What is Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

Streaming has become a popular convention across multiple platforms. It’s a great way to present visual information that educates, informs, and entertains. Streaming has emerged as a fantastic online medium because it’s scalable and users can capitalise on the increased network bandwidth they have access to. Live streaming is more commonplace than ever before, where […]

Best Video Bitrate for Streaming in 2022

Releasing video content for public consumption is a fantastic way to gain business exposure. Consumers are always looking for information to inform their purchases, and Google will rank your business higher on the results pages if you enhance the user experience. If you’re looking to reach a wider audience and engage visitors with useful content, […]