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5 Best Live Streaming Service Providers For Your School

live streaming service education

  There are many reasons why a growing number of schools now use a live streaming service provider. Live streaming solutions can enable students to attend class remotely when they can’t attend in person. With video streaming, schools can record lessons and make the video available on demand. This can help students to quickly make […]

What is a Good Internet Upload Speed for Live Streaming?

Internet Speed for Streaming

There are many components that determine the quality of online video streams. One of these components is internet speed. Different streaming setups require the support of different internet connections. Some broadcasts require faster internet than others due to several variables. In this post, we’re going to discuss everything broadcasters need to know about internet speed […]

8 Virtual Christmas Program Ideas for Churches – 2021 Holiday Season

virtual christmas program

Although many places have lifted COVID restrictions many churches are continuing to offer virtual Christmas programs and experiences. Last year, many Christmas programs were completely virtual, but this year, many churches are taking a hybrid approach. By live steaming traditional holiday events, attendance is open to anyone with access to the Internet.  Comment start This allows parishioners […]

Comparing the Top 5 Chroma Key Software For Live Streaming [2021 Update]

chroma key compositing

Chroma key compositing is the process that professional broadcasters use to incorporate two separate videos or media files into one final stream. Typically, this is used with a green screen or something similar. It can be useful for all kinds of broadcasts, including when you want to stream live video on your website directly via […]