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How to Stream Live Video On Your Website

start a video streaming business

  In previous articles, we discuss how to embed a video on a website, how to do live streaming and other related topics. In this article, then, we’ll offer a review of the entire process from start to finish. First, we’ll review the basics for broadcasting live video stream. Next, we’ll discuss how to embed […]

The Challenges of 24/7 Live Streaming

24/7 Live Streaming

  We’ve covered many of the basics of broadcasting live video steam in other articles. But what about those broadcasters or businesses who need  24/7 live streaming for their events or content? In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic requirements and challenges of 24/7 live streaming. We will also provide practical advice to help […]

Publishing Point: Ingest Server For Live Streaming


Let’s get physical for a moment. Because live streaming is an Internet thing, it’s easy to think entirely in virtual terms, but physical reality plays a part, too. That includes camera quality, lighting, makeup if possible, camera angles, and of course, reliability and speed of Internet connections. It also includes the architecture used by live […]

6 Tips on How to Build a Following For Your Live Streaming


One of the most important questions in the broadcasting video is how to build a following. You want your live streaming video to be seen, after all. Even if you already have a following for other formats and content, not everyone who is used to reading your blog or interacting with you on social media […]

Live Streaming Webcams: Using, Broadcasting, Embedding


The simplest cameras for use with live streaming are webcams. They’re also the cheapest and most easily available, being part of any smartphone or laptop. More advanced cameras deliver more versatility, advanced features that aren’t normally found on webcams, and superior image quality than most webcams. However, they are also much more expensive, especially when […]

Using Copyrighted and Public Domain Video Clips


There are many reasons why a broadcaster might want to use film clips from other people’s production as part of a video stream. A broadcaster might be doing a critique of another film — obviously clips from that film would be appropriate. Newsreel footage clearly adds much to a historical video. There are many other […]