Top 6 Strategies to Increase Video Views for Live Broadcasts and VOD

Top 6 Strategies to Increase Video Views for Live Broadcasts and VOD Image


When you publish a video online, whether live streamed or recorded, you want people to see it. With that goal in mind, this post offers six key strategies for increasing your video views–for both live broadcasts and video-on-demand (VOD).

In 2018, Ericsson ConsumerLab’s report found that the average person in the U.S. watches four hours more mobile video, on a weekly basis, than they did four years ago. Commenting on the report, Paul Verna notes that “[c]onsidering these trends, we see consumers moving away from traditional distribution and embracing digital video platforms.”

In 2019, your business success depends on how you capitalize on this trend. When using streaming solutions like Dacast, attracting as many viewers as possible is the name of the game. In fact, there are several proven strategies to increase video views.

Now, let’s discuss six key strategies to increase viewership for live broadcast and VOD content.

1. Live broadcasts via your website, social media, and beyond

First up, one of the best ways to increase views is to ensure your video is everywhere. You can achieve this goal in many different ways. The simplest is to embed your video or live stream on your website. Of course, you can use the same strategy to embed on different websites, too. These might include the landing pages and the sites of partners and friends.

live broadcasts

Next, you want your content to appear on social video sites like YouTube and Facebook. On the positive side, these platforms can really help boost your views. However, note that we don’t recommend using them exclusively, because they’re not white label, they have ads, and their professional features leave a lot be desired.

Instead, there are three ways to stream to Facebook or YouTube, while streaming from a pro platform like Dacast.

  1. First, you can use your Dacast Facebook share code. Share with viewers in a status update and open a live stream on a new page.
  2. Second, you can use multi-destination streaming via your encoder. This allows viewers to access the stream directly in the Facebook newsfeed.
  3. Third, you can take advantage of Dacast partnership with Switchboard Live to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. This Dacast partner enables live streaming directly to Dacast, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and Twitch—all at the same time. Also, Switchboard Live with Dacast supports native playback. This approach is much faster to set up live broadcasts than multi-destination streaming.

Overall, streaming to multiple sites at once helps to attract the largest possible audience.

2. Use video transcoding

The data is clear. When they watch a poor quality stream, viewers get upset. That said, the best way to address this is with video transcoding.

“Transcoding” refers to the process of creating multiple copies of the same video at different quality levels. In turn, this allows each viewer to watch the best possible quality at their unique internet speed. As a result, you can minimize buffering and viewer bounce rates. And this leads directly to happier viewers and better viewer numbers.

Dacast, among other online video platforms, has built-in cloud transcoding functionality. With a few clicks, users can upload VOD content and then transcode it into multiple different quality levels.

Of course, broadcasters can do the same thing with live broadcasts. We call this process multi-bitrate streaming. Though it may sound complex, the setup is easy and will help you to reach the maximum live broadcast audience possible.

3. Build a great custom video website

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As a live streamer, your website is the main way viewers will interact with your live broadcasts. In fact, think of your site like the frame of a beautiful painting. Though the painting may be engaging, a cheap thrift-store frame can ruin the effect for viewers. Plus, the website surrounding your video can be key to your strategy if you’re selling products, capturing leads, building an email list, or more.

With that in mind, we recommend creating custom websites or pages for your video content. With modern web tools like WordPress, it’s easier than ever before to create such a site yourself.

However, if you need professional websites created for your video work, you might need help. Dacast offers professional services for event websites to help you offer viewers a high-quality, fully branded experience. Reach out to us, and our team will have you up and running fast.

4. Record all your live broadcasts and release as VODs

Next up, you can maximize your video views if you record your live streams. Some broadcasters are so focused on live broadcasts that they overlook VOD content. For example, recording your live broadcasts allows you to continue to accrue views and boost the performance of that content after the initial broadcast ends. Additionally, you can reach viewers who missed your live event when it first aired. In other words, VOD works like an automatic TIVO that everyone gets for free.

Lastly, note that cloud-based recording of live broadcasts is available via professional OVPs like Dacast. With just a few clicks, Dacast broadcasters can ensure that all live streams are recorded in the best available quality.

5. Promote your content before, during, and after live broadcasts

Before streaming your live event, you need to generate some excitement. This may entail posting on your blog, social media, and other platforms. you may send emails and inform your friends and partners. In short, you want to spread the word as widely as possible.

Generate interest

live broadcasts

In particular, you want to utilize social media to inform people of your live broadcast. Make your participation in the social media conversation consistent and wide-ranging. Sincerely participate in discussions and not solely as a means of self-promotion. That way, when you do occasionally drop in self-promotion statements (like mentioning the new video you have up or your next live streaming event), people will pay attention because they know you.

Also, you want to consider your event title. A well-chosen title helps your video to rank higher in search engines. If your video stands out, it helps to invite potential viewers to click on it. Relatedly, strive for a concise and catchy title. Make it stand out to catch the eye and titillate the mind. Finally, make sure to choose your keywords carefully.

Encourage pre-registration

In terms of logistics for providing access to your live broadcasts, you can encourage people to pre-register. Then, you can send reminders before you go live, or set up a live countdown. In terms of timing, most people register for live events 1-2 weeks before the event begins. Also, choose a catchy hashtag for your stream. This allows both you and viewers to engage in social media conversations on the topic.

Stay connected to your viewers

Finally, a direct call to action at the end of the video can prompt viewers to join your mailing list. Even better, as it’s easier for viewers to use, a one-click webpage option can send the respondents’ email addresses to your mailing list. You can also invite people to your mailing list on social media in the context of appropriate groups and communities.

6. Invest in quality

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Finally, let’s talk about live streaming quality. The most obvious thing to do to promote viewership of your live broadcasts is to create the best video possible.

Not surprisingly, quality production fields a happier audience that wants to tune in for more. This may cost more money and take more time upfront, but the ROI can make that investment worthwhile.

To get a sense of how to achieve this, take a look at the most successful videos that are broadly similar to your goals or content. This can help you to consider what works well–and what doesn’t. However, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it isn’t a way to gain video views. Use successful videos to get ideas, and then improve on them.


Even with these tips in mind, there’s no “magic bullet” for increasing your video views. Instead, increasing viewers for live broadcasts involves many factors, from choice of title to video quality itself, to your visibility on social media. However, there are simple techniques you can employ to increase viewership over time. We hope you can use the strategies here to improve the performance of your live broadcasts and online videos.

If you’re searching for the right OVP, Dacast helps a wide range of businesses with our secure live streaming service. If you’d like to try out our streaming solutions for yourself, click below to sign up for our 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

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By Max Wilbert.

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