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Best Live Stream Encoding Software Options [Updated for 2020]

Live Stream Encoding Software Options

The quality of your live stream can make or break your audiences’ experience. Lagging video and shaky audio becomes a distraction from the message you’re trying to share. Encoding your video content—or converting the raw video file into a digital one—is one of the best things you can do to maintain professional quality. This requires […]

The Best Tips for Broadcasting Live Video in 2020

private live streaming event

The popularity of live video broadcasting has been steadily increasing, prompting businesses to bring up the question “what is a video broadcast?”. In the past, getting customers happened through cold calling and radio ads. But, things have changed now and video streaming is now the way of the future. Currently, video broadcasting is one of […]

How To Copyright A Video

how to copyright a video

We’ve explored the legal ramifications of using other people’s copyrighted video works on this blog before. Now let’s take a look at copyright from the other end: how to copyright a video of your own. Let’s say, for example, that you want to stream live video on your website. You’ve chosen a dedicated OVP, like Dacast, […]

5 Christmas Programs for Streaming Live Church Services

streaming live church services

It’s that time of year again – Christmastime! It’s also the busiest time of the year for churches all around the world. During the holiday season especially, many pastors and leadership groups are seeking new ways to reach a bigger congregation. In fact, some have already discovered one of the best ways to increase their […]

Why and How To Use a Church Streaming Service

Broadcasting a church

Churches and religious organizations of all types are operating in a changing modern world. Starting four years ago, young millennials ages 14-25 began watching more video on digital devices than on television. Live streaming video online is now easier and more affordable than ever before. Using a church streaming service allows congregations to reach a […]

Top 6 Strategies to Increase Video Views for Live Broadcasts and VOD

Increase Video Views

When you publish a video online, whether live streamed or recorded, you want people to see it. With that goal in mind, this post offers six key strategies for increasing your video views–for both live broadcasts and video-on-demand (VOD). In 2018, Ericsson ConsumerLab’s report found that the average person in the U.S. watches four hours […]

Viewer’s Internet Speed Needed For Streaming

Online video is booming. Starting in 2015, young millennials (ages 14-25) began watching more video on digital devices than on television. This has major implications for media businesses. The video streaming market is predicted to be worth $70.5 billion by 2021. Live streaming is making up the majority of that growth. This blog will look at issues […]

How To Make Money Broadcasting Live Video

Make Money Broadcasting

Broadcasting live video is rewarding in a variety of ways. Live streamers can gain personal satisfaction, pursue an outlet for creative expression, create a means to share information, or simply a provide platform with which to communicate. Live streaming itself is also rewarding in a more pragmatic way–namely, it supports generating revenue for your content […]

How to Stream Live Video On Your Website

start a video streaming business

In previous articles, we discuss how to embed a video on a website, how to do live streaming and other related topics. In this article, then, we’ll offer a review of the entire process from start to finish. First, we’ll review the basics for broadcasting live video stream. Next, we’ll discuss how to embed live […]

The Challenges of 24/7 Live Streaming

24/7 Live Streaming

We’ve covered many of the basics of broadcasting live video steam in other articles. But what about those broadcasters or businesses who need  24/7 live streaming for their events or content? In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic requirements and challenges of 24/7 live streaming. Our goal is to help you identify and […]