How to Integrate Live Streaming Strategy into Your Focused Email Campaign

How to Integrate Live Streaming Strategy into Your Focused Email Campaign Image

Email marketing is on the rise.

Companies see it as a personal and non-intrusive channel to promote their services and clients prefer emails as the main channel of communication to connect with their favorite brands. In fact, 72% of customers would rather receive an email than interact with a company on social media.

If you want to integrate live streams into your email campaigns, you need a plan. Keep reading and discover how to create an event email signature and choose the best live streaming software to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Table of Contents

  • How Can My Business Benefit from Live Streaming?
  • 6 Tips to Integrate Live Streaming into Your Email Campaigns
  • Final Thoughts

How Can My Business Benefit from Live Streaming?

Did you know that 80% of customers will watch a stream from a brand instead of reading its blog? Times change and so does your content production.

These are the reasons why you should implement a live streaming strategy in your business:

  • Video content is king: multimedia content is everywhere, from the wide TV screens to portable devices such as smartphones. Videos combine text, sound and images that generate a reaction in people like no other type of content. Customers tend to retain information better when they see a video than when they read a text given that the communication is more direct and fluent.
  • Live streaming is immediate: live streams are conversations where the organizers can interact with the audience at any given moment. Users can ask questions and give feedback during the session and be more than just guests. This two-way form of communication can convert prospective customers into buyers and build trust among the business’s current clients.
  • Live streaming is here to stay: the live streaming industry is expected to be valued at $223.98 billion by 2028. Large tech companies and small businesses are investing time and money to incorporate live streams into their content marketing strategy. Live streams productions come at an affordable price and people can consume them wherever they are.

6 Tips to Integrate Live Streaming into Your Email Campaigns

#1 Introduce the speakers and special guests

People aren’t going to watch a live stream if they don’t know who’s going to talk: they want to see their favorite speakers and industry experts all at once.

Make sure you use images to promote your event and introduce the participants briefly. Add an image with a picture that best represents the speakers and write one or two sentences with their job title and description.

Check the following tips to boost your email engagement and encourage users to attend your live streams:

  • Choose images wisely: the pictures should always show the speaker’s face. Pick images that inspire trust within your attendees. Welcome them with a smiling headshot and make them feel comfortable before the session begins.
  • Follow brand guidelines to design your email: find the right color palette to bring your event to life. Stick to your brand guidelines and keep it simple. A touch of color can bring ambiance to your live stream, but don’t go over the top with it if you don’t want to drive away customers.
  • Highlight the speakers’ achievements and expertise: write about the participants and tell your audience what are their skills and career accomplishments. This way, your attendees will know that the speakers are experts in their field.

#2 Make it short and clear

If you can express an idea in one word, don’t use three.

Apply this rule every time you create an email, especially if you’re writing to your audience. Use short sentences and go straight to the point to promote your live stream. Start with a memorable headline. Add the name of the event and a catchy tagline.

The next step is to answer the 5 W’s:

  • Who’s organizing the live streaming: in this case, your company.
  • What is the event about: summarize in a few words what you can offer the audience and the topics that are going to be discussed during the event.
  • When is the event going to be streamed: set a fixed date and time.
  • Where can people connect to the stream: add a link to the streaming platform or website you’ll use to host your event.
  • Why are you organizing the live stream: write about your goals and the purpose of hosting the event.

Don’t forget to add a CTA to drive users to your site and align the visual content with your branding.

#3 Place the CTA at the top of your email

Place the CTA at the top of your email

According to a study by WordStream, emails with a CTA increase clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. Sounds crazy, right?

CTAs guide users to a landing page and ultimately generate revenue for your business. To make sure your customers read and click the button, you must write a compelling copy and place the CTA in a strategic location.

Insert the CTA just after your email introduction. This way, customers will already know what they are purchasing and won’t feel overwhelmed with the feeling of buying at first sight.

Keep it short: write 2-4 words and show the user what benefit you can offer them. Is it a free pass to your live stream? Maybe a 50% discount on your new product line? Persuade your customer to click the CTA and continue the buyer journey to the final stage.

Use numbers to create a sensation of urgency and embrace color psychology. Add a blue or yellow button if you want to inspire trust and warmth; choose purple to display luxury or orange if you want to be aggressive with your offer.

#4 Place an email signature at the end of your email

An email signature is a great branding tool for your business. It’s professional, it reinforces your image as a company and it generates leads.

To create a good impression on your customers, add your logo, contact information and links to social media. Let your customers know that they’re dealing with a trusted business.

If you want to promote a live stream in your email, you may also create an exclusive signature for the event. Instead of using your personal signature, you can modify some elements to drive users to the event landing page.

Consider adding the following features:

  • Personalized color palette: change the background color or even the font styling in your email signature to match the event design.
  • Name and logo banner: add the name and the logo of the live stream. Find a place to put the visuals of the event with the date, time and tagline on it.
  • CTA: create a CTA to allow users to register or reserve a seat in your live stream.
  • Social media icons: add links to the event’s social media profiles so that attendees can interact with your brand on other online channels.
  • Video: it’s not common to see videos in email signatures, so this one will really make your mail stand out. Engage your audience with a short video promo of your live stream and prepare them for what’s to come.

#5 Be consistent

Consistency is key to building a successful event and promoting it.

It’s all about the content and the design. If you’re organizing a summer event, use bright colors and a holiday theme; if your live stream is about tech companies, go for a futuristic template and corporate language.

Don’t go crazy with the email format and keep a proper structure. There are some must include details like the location, the date and the duration of the stream, but you can also add a personal touch to your invitation email.

A welcome message like “We’re happy to invite you to [name of the event]” or “Get ready for [name of the event]” is a fantastic way to introduce your audience to your live stream. People like to feel special, so a catchy yet personal message is all you need to win their attention.

Keep in mind that images are as important as the text in your email. Avoid stock pictures and try to generate in-house visual designs that represent the values of your brand. Like this, your email will look more coherent and it will resonate with your readers.

#6 Use a live streaming platform that fits your needs

Use a live streaming platform that fits your needs

Before you organize a live stream event, you must know how to set it up. Get to know the fundamentals of professional live streaming to offer your audience the best possible experience. These are the basics:

  • Use a pro video camera and microphone to provide a high-quality image and audio in your live stream.
  • Use a video encoder to send your video to the internet. There are hardware and software encoders that convert your stream into different formats so that you can upload it to your website.
  • Use a video streaming platform that is easy to use and that allows you to customize your live events. There is a wide range of options in the market, from free software like OBS Studio to more expensive and complete tools such as Wirecast.

Now that you know how to plan your live stream, it’s time to build an email campaign following the tips described in the article. Let’s get started!

Final Thoughts

Live streaming is not a trend. Tech giants have incorporated video content into their marketing mix to connect with customers and promote events. The growth of a billion-dollar industry can offer your business unique opportunities to grow.

Introduce live streams into your email campaigns and build successful lead generation programs. Create an outstanding design and use an email template that encourages users to register for the event.

Get inspired and follow the steps detailed in this guide to integrate a live streaming strategy into your email campaigns and help your brand stand out.

Helga Zabalkanska