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9 Tips to Produce Promotional Videos Efficiently

Promotional videos can be an enormously effective way to reach your audience, inspire confidence in investors and customers, and build the strength of your business or organization. That’s because the video is a phenomenal medium for telling stories. However, producing a good promotional video can be tricky. Some people think making a great video requires […]

11 Ways to Generate Revenue from Live Streaming

When you set out to live stream an event, it’s easy to get caught off guard when it comes to expenses. After all, live streaming can add significant, unforeseen costs to broadcasting a show or event. Besides staffing, cameras, and other equipment, you’ll also need to budget for a streaming solution like Dacast to host […]

Why Your Radio Station Should Use Dacast

Broadcasting radio over the Internet is an extremely common practice these days, especially with the prevalence of satellite radio. In fact, it’s rare for a radio station today to not broadcast online. This increasingly popular practice of live streaming radio online does come with a unique set of challenges. Below is a quick tutorial on […]

Best Practices: Streaming a Yoga Class

Teaching yoga can be a spiritually and physically fulfilling life. However, it can also be demanding and difficult. Many yoga teachers aren’t able to generate a sustainable income and end up having to work a second job or rely on a partner to supplement their earnings. A 2012 study from Yoga in America that surveyed more than […]

How to Video and Stream Graduation Ceremonies

stream graduation

The spring season always brings another class of students graduating from schools of all types. For many people, this season marks the end of a long journey, an incredible effort, and a turning point in life. For students and their families, everything afterward will be different from what came before. Of course, most schools mark […]

How To Reach Your Audience

So, you’re finally ready to begin live streaming, or maybe you’ve already started. But one major hurdle remains: building an audience that will actually watch your video content and help spread it to a broader audience. Once your live stream is prepared on your video hosting service, learning how to reach your audience is a fundamental […]

[Walkthrough]: Live Streaming with OBS Studio on Mac

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free to download, open-source encoder. In this OBS tutorial for Dacast, we will cover how to connect OBS to the Dacast service, and how to get set up for your first live streaming channel. This is for the Mac OS version of the Encoder. OBS is tremendously versatile because anyone […]

Streaming Media 3rd Party Players

Projects involving streaming video present a series of challenges to any business or organization. One of those challenges is choosing the right 3rd party players for your website. Most people don’t know much about 3rd party players or how it works because their only interaction with this technology is to click the “play” button. In this article, […]