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What Is MPEG DASH And Why Should We Use It?

Many broadcasters, video producers, and live streamers may have heard of the technology MPEG DASH. But even for those who have heard the term, few really understand what MPEG DASH is and what implications it has for the future. In this article, we’ll be explaining MPEG DASH: what it is, who is already using it (and […]

Stream Your Church Service Online

stream your church service online

Are you interested in bringing your church services to a larger audience? Wondering if you have the right set up to stream your church service online? If so, you’re not alone! In recent years, many congregations and other houses of worship have begun streaming their services online through live streaming solutions. If you are interested […]

Tutorial: Dacast’s Pay Per View Video Platform

In this video tutorial, we’ll be looking at the monetization options on your Dacast Channel. Dacast’s Pay Per View video platform includes adding Pay Per View tickets, setting up Subscriptions, and using Promo codes. Live Streaming Broadcasts can be a great source of revenue for your events and regular broadcasts. Typical paywall models include a one-off […]

Best Chroma Key Software Encoder Comparison

Best Video Broadcasting Software

In this video tutorial, we will provide a comparison of the Chroma Key features in the live streaming encoders; Wirecast, Xsplit, vMix, and OBS. “What is the best chroma key software encoder?” has no simple answer, so we will explore the Chroma Key features of all of these encoders. Chroma Key, or Chroma Keying, is […]