Video Monetization: How Many Currencies Does Dacast Support?

Currently, Dacast’s video monetization tools and paywall support twenty-one currencies for viewer payments. If you do not see the currency you would like to use for your stream, no worry, as we can add additional currencies for you. To do so, contact us, and we will help set you up.  Note that we could help […]

Does the Dacast Viewer Payment System Support PayPal?

  Yes, the Dacast viewer payment system supports payment through PayPal. This works differently from credit card payment because the paywall will redirect the viewer to PayPal’s page to complete payment. Once the viewers has completed the payment, they will be redirected back to the Dacast paywall. To enable sales over PayPal, you must accept […]

How to Change the Seller Name and Logo on the Dacast Paywall

It is easy to change the seller name and logo that appears on your Dacast paywall. You can change the seller name and logo in the Dacast paywall by clicking the “Paywall” tab on the left side of your dashboard. Once you’ve expanded the “Paywall” tab, click on “Settings.” From there, choose “Card Statement” towards […]