How Does the Duration of Access Work on the Dacast Paywall?


With the Dacast paywall, the duration of access indicates how much time the viewer has left to access the video they’ve rented. The duration of access starts as soon as the viewer starts watching the video. For example, if you enter 1 hour as the duration, your viewer will have access to the video for 1 hour from the moment they hit play.

The duration of access will continue to countdown if they continue to watch the stream or not. So if someone starts to watch for 5 minutes, leaves for 55 minutes and comes back to watch again, their original 1 hour of access will have expired.

Types of Monetization Available with Dacast

As a quick reminder, there are three methods of monetization offered by Dacast: SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD.

SVOD is a subscription-based method that allows viewers to have unlimited access to a video library for as long as their subscription lasts. Subscriptions are typically weekly, monthly or quarterly.

TVOD is most commonly known as pay-per-view. As the name suggests, viewers pay for what they want to watch.

AVOD refers to ad-based monetization. You have the option to serve ads on your content. Ads are funded by your advertisers, so rather than paying out of pocket, your viewers pay for the content with a minute or so of their time.

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