Dacast Acquires vzaar, Expanding its Comprehensive OTT Solution

Vzaar Dacast Merge

SAN FRANCISCO, March 13, 2019/PRNewswire/ – Dacast–an established SaaS platform offering video hosting and live streaming solutions–has acquired vzaar, the video hosting platform for businesses and trusted by users worldwide. This acquisition, which was announced today, brings together two major players in the online video streaming industry.

“We are excited to welcome vzaar into the Dacast family,” said Dacast CEO Stephane Roulland. “This acquisition will enable us to offer the best possible streaming experience to our customers”.
Roulland notes one positive result of this acquisition–a new, more powerful video streaming platform merging high-end features from both OVPs and further establishing Dacast’s position as an uncontested leader in the OTT industry. Overall, this acquisition will allow diverse businesses to access more powerful video hosting and live streaming solutions at the best rates.

Founded in 2008, Dacast offers video hosting and live streaming solutions to professional organizations. To date, more than 300,000 broadcasters have used the Dacast platform. In 2018, Dacast won the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award for Best Small/Medium Business Video Platform and was recognized as one of the 50 most influential online video companies in the streaming industry.

The Dacast online video platform includes professional tools, such as top-tier Akamai CDN delivery, low latency HLS live streaming, advanced monetization paywall with support for multiple currencies and languages, real-time analytics, and streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Since its founding in 2007, vzaar has become one of the most trusted video hosting companies for secure video hosting and delivery worldwide. vzaar is one of the only OVPs to offer real streaming delivery in China. The vzaar OVP comes preloaded with a variety of customization, security, management, and analytical tools, which allow businesses such as Getty Images, Cathay Pacific, Kelloggs, eBay, and Dunkin’ Brands to excel in their industries and achieve video success. “I am delighted to see the coming together of two fantastic companies,” said vzaar Chairman Gareth Cadwallader. “The deep synergies of our platforms and the compatibility of our teams will undoubtedly enhance our ability to deliver greater innovation to our global customer base.”

Online video is rapidly displacing TV as the dominant form of mass media, and countless businesses are choosing dedicated platforms like Dacast to stay ahead of this trend. Together, Dacast and vzaar have over 4,500 active customers. With this acquisition, Dacast has expanded its role as an OTT leader and innovator. Access pricing and details here

4 thoughts on “Dacast Acquires vzaar, Expanding its Comprehensive OTT Solution

  1. Duane Abler says:

    Adaptive bitrate streaming was supposed to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2019. We’re now in the third quarter and still waiting. When can current users expect to have this critical feature functional?

    • Etienne Noualhat says:

      Hi Duane! We currently offer the feature if your software/hardware encoder has the multi-bitrate integration. We do not expect to see the live multibitrate transcoding (if that is what you are talking about) any time soon, but we have partners that are currently offering the feature with DaCast solution. Is it something you have already discussed with your account representative?

  2. Kacper says:

    Can we now expect Dacast will add captions choice to its live streaming player? So far captions are only available in the vod player.

    • Etienne Noualhat says:

      Hi Kacper! This is actually directly available inside your video encoder. You will be able to add the captions from there. Please give us a call if you have trouble doing that!

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