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Stream on Multiple Platform

There are many reasons why to stream on multiple platforms. However, it really all comes down to maximizing your audience. Streaming to multiples places multiplies your audience. This is why we have developed a new method for how to stream on multiple platforms simultaneously. By partnering with Switchboard Live, Dacast users now have the maximum flexibility to stream on multiple platforms—including Facebook Live.

We are excited to announce this new partnership that will make it even faster and easier for Dacast and Switchboard Live users to go from secure video upload to streaming to multiple platforms at the same time. Let’s dive into our new partnership and the different methods for streaming to Dacast and Facebook Live (and other platforms) at the same time.

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How to stream directly to Facebook Live

There are three main methods for how to stream on multiple platforms concurrently using Dacast.

How to Stream on Multiple Platforms The first method is via our share code. This isn’t true multi-platform streaming, as the video content opens in a new tab (like most of the share code provided by other streaming solutions). But it does have some advantages around monetization or password protection. Specifically, YouTube is the 3rd most-blocked website in the world. Facebook is the most-blocked; it also doesn’t truly offer good video monetization options. Rather, Facebook’s advertising monetization has been described as bringing in “scant revenue.” Facebook live streams are limited to a 4-hour duration per stream as well. Our share code bypasses these issues.

The second method involves using multi-destination streaming at the encoder level. This allows true native playback but requires more bandwidth and processing power at the encoder level.

The third and final method involves our new partner Switchboard Live. This method is fast and easy to set up, making it a great option if you’re doing this sort of thing regularly. We’re very excited about this new partnership as it can greatly improve the streaming experience of our customers who rely on social media platforms.

How to stream on multiple platforms with Switchboard Live

The third method for how to stream on multiple platforms for live streaming involves a service called Switchboard Live. Switchboard Live is a video distribution platform allowing you to simultaneously live stream across your own OTT video provider (such as Dacast) and all the most popular social media channels (such as Facebook and Youtube).

The big advantage of using Switchboard Live is that it is very fast. Simply connect your Dacast account, as well as Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and/or Twitch. Once connected, you can start doing multi-destination streaming in just a few clicks.

Connecting Dacast to Switchboard Live:

  1. Log in to Switchboard Live.
  2. Click “Add Destination,” then “New Destination.”
  3. You can use the following screen to link to your Dacast account. Select “Dacast Channel” as the platform, and give it a name.
  4. Next, you’ll need your Dacast API key. This can be found by logging into Dacast and visiting your preferences. Under “API,” you will see an API key. Click regenerate if there is no API key there.
  5. Back in Switchboard Live, enter your Dacast API key. The list of channels will populate in a few seconds. Select the live channel you wish to broadcast on from the dropdown menu. Dacast integration with Switchboard Live works with all types of Dacast live channels: HTML5, low latency, and m3u8.
  6. Finally, click Finish and you will see your Dacast live channel in your list of available destinations.

Connecting Facebook to Switchboard Live:

  1. Now, let’s add Facebook. From your Switchboard Live account, click again on ADD DESTINATION.
  2. Choose NEW DESTINATION and select FACEBOOK in the drop-down menu. Name your new destination and click NEXT.
  3. Follow the prompts to connect with your Facebook account. Make sure to select the right profile or page on which you want to stream.
  4. At this point, you’re done adding Facebook to your list of destinations. Next, you have to set up your encoder. In your Switchboard account, you will see a preview window with fields for “Stream Server / URL.” First, select the stream server of your choice. I recommend you choose the one located closest to your audience.
  5. Next, copy the stream URL and stream key from this page.
  6. Open your software/hardware encoder configuration page, and set a new stream/output destination. Select custom RTMP streaming server as the type. Then enter the URL and stream key you copied from Switchboard Live.
  7. At this point, you can set up your encoder as normal.
  8. To begin the stream, go live using your encoder. Then visit your Switchboard Live account and turn on the destinations you want to live stream to.
  9. You now know how to stream on multiple platforms simultaneously.

About Switchboard Live

As we’ve mentioned, Switchboard Live is a new Dacast partner. They offer services to help you stream to multiple platforms at once. The service costs $79 per month for streaming up to 5 platforms at once. Higher plans are available if you need to stream to more designations at once.

How to Stream on Multiple Platforms Plus, Dacast customers who are first-time Switchboard Live users will now get an exclusive discount! Contact your account executive for more details.

Switchboard Live describes its service as “set it and forget it.” Fast setup is enabled by the ability to pre-load your social channels and metadata for quick and easy future streaming. You can also use the encoder of your choice, send streams to custom RTMP destinations, and brand your content with your favorite watermarks.

What if I’m not a Switchboard Live customer?

If you’re not a Switchboard Live user, there are still two methods you can use to stream to multiple video streaming platforms with your Dacast account.

Method 1: Dacast share code

how to stream on multiple platforms

The Dacast online video platform makes it easy to share your live streams and VODs to social networks. The fastest way is to use the Dacast social share code.  To use this method, simply visit the “publish settings” for your live stream. Then look for the Facebook share code on this page. The code will look something like this:

Copy this code, and then go to your Facebook page or wall. Paste this code, and the title and a splash screen of your video content will appear. You can add any text you want. Then click the post. Users will be able to click the play button. This will launch the live stream or video in a new tab.

This allows you to reach your social audience. It also preserves monetization methods and password protection. If you’re monetizing with a paywall, this is the only method that works.

However, it’s not a native method like Switchboard Live and the following method we’ll review.

Method 2: Multi-destination streaming at the encoder level

The second method for how to stream on multiple platforms is to do so at the encoder level. Essentially, this involves setting up multiple stream destinations in your encoder settings.

This is very easy when you’re using a software encoder like Wirecast, VidBlasterX, or vMix.  Check out the above link for details on how to do this. When you follow these instructions correctly, you’re now ready to go live! When you live stream it will now be broadcast to both Dacast and Facebook simultaneously. This is a native streaming method, which is a positive aspect. However, it also means that restrictions on stream length, monetization, etc. will still apply.

The same method can be used to stream to Dacast and Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, and other platforms. This is our second method of how to stream on multiple platforms.


There you go! We’ve shared three methods for how to stream on multiple platforms. We’re especially excited about our Switchboard Live partnership. We think this will offer a great deal of flexibility to users of the Dacast video hosting and live streaming platform.

Therefore, we decided to offer free access to the Switchboard Live platform to a limited amount of our Annual Premium plans. This offer is on a first-come, first-served basis so you better hurry up if you want to enjoy it!


Once you have your Dacast Annual Premium plan, just contact us.

As always, thanks for reading, and good luck with your live streaming endeavors.

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